Coronavirus Comedy: Room Rating

(NBC News) People are home and watching more TV than ever due to the coronavirus pandemic, and our favorite analysts and anchors broadcasting from their houses giving the Average Joe a peak into their private world.

That world, or it’s background, has provided fodder for one couple who started rating rooms on Twitter.

Comedian Will Ferrell’s room only rated a one out of ten, while MSNBC’s John Heilman earned a perfect score.

The rating are the work of Claude Taylor and his girlfriend Jesse, the creative forces behind @RateMySkypeRoom.

“We started paying more attention to be backgrounds and the books and the shelves, arts and plants than what they were saying,” Taylor says.

They began tweeting less than two months ago, and now have more than 200,000 followers.

“The rating of the Skype rooms that we do was really intended, is intended to be good-natured, lighthearted and just some fun content for these troubling times,” Taylor says.

Their work is having an impact.

“Al Roker had a lovely room and had a couple minor flaws that we spoke to and he came right back, acknowledged there might be an issue and his next room was probably the best Skype room I’ve seen,” Taylor says.

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