Congressman Brett Guthrie visits the National Corvette Museum, talks about national issues

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Congressman Brett Guthrie took a tour through the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green today.

The reason for his visit was to support and encourage local tourism.

Guthrie says the Corvette Museum is updated and changed frequently which is why he has enjoyed each tour he has taken.

Guthrie also answered questions about national issues such as a new stimulus bill for COVID-19 relief and mail-in voting concerns.

“The concern really isn’t that if I mark my ballot it will it be received by the county clerk. The concern is will ballots be sent out that nobody asked for that are just out there and can be filled out by anybody. That’s a concern that the president has expressed. It’s not that the post office isn’t going to get them in, the issue is when do they go out and who do they go out to,” said Guthrie.

The congressman also answered questions about the stimulus bill for COVID-19 relief.

“For Congress to do a pure COVID relief, we have to meet and go forward together, and Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi is asking for another $3 trillion bill. We’ve already spent $3 trillion so we are trying to say we need to help people that are hurting but we don’t just need to spend, you know bail states out that had previous problems prior to COVID and that’s a big part of it,” said Guthrie.

Guthrie also spoke on school restarting and said he believes it is a state and local decision not federal.

“I trust our school board, our local superintendent. I believe you can set things up that is safe and give parents the option of having their kids go there or not go there. If our school voices they can’t do it safely, then that’s a different argument. I trust and I know our superintendents. I know where their hearts are, and they do not want kids in an unsafe environment,” said Guthrie.