Community members donate food to essential workers

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – During these difficult times, the south-central Kentucky community is rallying together to make a difference in people’s lives.

Today, multiple volunteers from the Good Deeds organization and the American Legion picked up food from Shogun, Pizza Hut and Zaxby’s to hand out to first reponders.

They split up distributing the food to The Medical Center at Bowling Green, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, the Bowling Green Police and Fire Departments and Kentucky State Police.

The woman who put it all together, Mary Osborne, says they just want to help those who are serving the community.

“Restaurants have helped with donations or a reduced amount which helps the restaurants some too to help move some food through during this time,” said Osborne.

Good Deeds, an organization started by a, then, kindergartner, came up with the idea while the American Legion and food companies sponsored it.

That girl, 6th grader Emorie Osborne, tagged along.

“We were all sitting at the kitchen table and we were all like ‘all these movie theaters and these restaurants are shutting down, but The Medical Center and the fire department can’t shut down,” said Emorie.

The mother-daughter duo teamed up with local restaurants to make it all possible.

“I just wanted to do good deeds for others, and I know there is a bunch of people in this community who need help and there had to be someone who does it,” said Emorie.

One of the recipients of the meals, Captain Bret Smith of the Bowling Green Fire Department, said he appreciates the community supporting each other during a difficult time.

The team expects to host another distribution day later on this week.