Close races headline Barren County election night

It was a tight race for Mayor of Glasgow.

Incumbent Dick Doty held a small lead in the beginning, but Harold Armstrong came out on top last night by a narrow margin, winning only by 115 votes total.

Armstrong says ‘he will need the people’s help during his tenure as mayor.’

Staying in Barren County with another incumbent falling overnight.

The race for jailer featured incumbent Democrat Tracy Bellamy, but it was Republican Aaron Bennett who will take over the title.

Bennett took home the title thanks to 56 percent of the vote.

Lastly from Barren County, another close race for Barren County Judge Executive.

The election came down to less than 500 votes, with incumbent Democrat Micheal Hale defeating Gary Tilghman with 52 percent of the vote. 

Now, Michael Hale will return to his position, Ready to continue working for his community.