City recognizes TEN-4 day to help prevent child abuse

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The city has officially recognized TEN-4 day on October 4th to help prevent child abuse in children. 

The TEN-4 bruising rule outlines suspicious bruising on young children, especially those four months and younger. 

The acronym TEN-4 stands for Torso, Ears, and Neck on children four years of age and younger. 

Kentucky has ranked in the top five for child abuse for years, and the Family Enrichment Center staff wants to change that statistic. 

“It’s so hard to help kids overcome abuse. If we can stop it, intervene early, if we can get to those kids before it progresses into a damaging thing for them and their families then we can help,” said FEC Director of Programs Lee Fowlkes. 

If you see abnormal bruising on a child, report it to Child Protective Services at 1-877-KYSAFE1.