City encourages cleaning up firework debris after holiday weekend

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Fireworks have been going on for several weeks now in the area and over the weekend the sky was full of pretty lights and loud booms, but what does the aftermath mean for our city?

Fireworks cannisters, bottle rocket sticks and other trash have littered yards and streets following the fourth of July celebrations.

The city has a street sweep service that runs routes covering the cities streets over the course of about three weeks, but still, a small ran or passing traffic can sweep the debris into the gutters before it can get cleaned up.

That litter often goes straight into our waterways, according to Greg Meredith, the director of the Bowling Green Public Works.

“We try to keep the streets clean for all those reasons, particularly water quality. The things that get in the drains and ultimately in the caves in the karst features and ultimately in the river, it all drains to the river and people down stream drink from the river. So its about doing the right thing, cleaning up after yourselves no matter what you’re doing is good, particularly after fireworks,” said Meredith.

Meredith encourages the public to pick up after themselves to reduce the litter.

Local parks services also spend extra man hours cleaning up from messes left behind.