City-County Planning Commission to change voting on zoning items

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The City-County Planning Commission of Warren County may change how it votes on certain items. 

Last week Friday, the Fiscal Court approved an amendment on how the planning commission votes on zoning and property-specific issues. 

Previously, the four county appointees and the other eight appointees from the cities could vote on every item. 

To keep up with the changing times, they are proposing that appointees of each city can only vote on items within their city limits. The four county appointees would still vote on all matters. 

“The process is to have more representation for the area that’s affected instead of someone that it really doesn’t affect having a vote that could change what is best for the city of Bowling Green or the Bowling Green Warren County area,” said Dean Warren, Bowling Green Vice-Chair on the commission. 

Smith’s Grove Mayor David Stiffey said he has some concerns. 

“They’re saying that we would just vote on issues in our city or a quarter mile outside the city limits. Which you know, your jurisdiction is very limited as far as something coming right next to your city. Where as if it was a half mile from the city you have no say at all. Well a half mile is still close,” said Stiffey. 

But he isn’t totally against the changes. 

“I mean I’m not opposed, I’m not saying I’m against the change or anything. Sometimes if things aren’t broken, and then you go to try to fix them, something does change,” said Stiffey. 

On issues that affect the entire county,  all commission members would vote.