Church gives holiday baskets to healthcare workers

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Crossland Community Church is giving back to the healthcare workers at Med Center Health.

This morning, a hundred baskets filled to the brim with snacks, treats, gum and more were handed out to healthcare workers. They also had handmade Christmas and happy holiday cards from children.

The church wanted the workers to know how appreciative the community is of their hard work during the holidays and the pandemic. 

Roxanne Baier, Director for Patient Experience at Med Center Health said the employees were overjoyed at the thoughtful gesture, especially during the holidays. 

“Through the holidays to have that kind of support to know hey they still care about us, they know what we’re going through. And again it’s just little things, it’s small gestures. Along with the baskets they had some of the kids draw pictures and I can tell you those are the things that are gonna really make a difference to the staff is just knowing and feeling that love from the community,” said Baier. 

Baier said that when the pandemic began, support for healthcare workers was great, but as it continues they start to see less. That’s why this gesture was incredibly meaningful.