Cheers! Renovations Reveal Prohibition-Era Whiskey Stash…Again

Oregon homeowners toast the discovery of ten bottles of prohibition-era whiskey uncovered during renovations. It's the second stash they've found in the home.

PENDLETON, Ore. (NBC News) — Two Oregon homeowners have found not one, but 10 bottles of Prohibition-era whiskey inside of their bed and breakfast… and it’s not the first time.

Tracy Bosen and Kevin Michel have owned the pink house on Main Street in Pendleton for six years.

“This house has had five owners now and you would think anything there is to find would’ve already been found,” Bosen says, “but it still has treasures to be found, I’m sure.”

Originally built in 1917 by Lowell and Minnie Rodgers, the home is eclectic, quirky, and historical. Everything was pink with Mrs. Rodgers.

Back in 2016, the couple stumbled across their first find while doing some renovating in one of the bedrooms. They stumbled across three bottles of whiskey hidden in the wall, with newspaper wrapped around them dating back to 1930.

Last week, the couple discovered 10 more different whiskey bottles in a burlap sack hidden under tiles in the attic.

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