Chamber certificate enhances economic development capabilities

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce is applauding one of their employees for pursuing an Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control certification.

Christian Howard decided to pursue the certificate that allows the Chamber to apply for grading permits quickly and make the permit and contractor process easier. To put it in perspective, it may make the time from getting a permit to grading the site a one day process. For other chambers without this certification, it could take several weeks, sometimes even months. 

Overall, it will better support the development work that the chamber does for the EDA and ITA, which will benefit the community against its competitors, 

“Now that we have you know an engineer on contract, a CPA in house and now we have Christian where we can actually pursue getting a grading contract, we can be very proactive with clients. And that proactive nature, as they say time is money, so clients want to know you can move quickly and we can demonstrate in a very tangible way that we can move faster than others because they won’t have a staff member with that ability on their team,” said Chamber President and CEO Ron Bunch. 

Bunch also said that this will put the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce in the top 2-3% percent of chambers in the entire country.