Celebrating Valentine’s on a dime

You don't have to break the bank to prove your love. NBC's Dan Scheneman reports.

(NBC News), Love doesn’t cost a thing, or shouldn’t, but as Valentine’s Day approaches the pressure to purchase something for your beloved increases.

Fortunately, “The Joy Of Saving” author Jeanette Pavini says responsible spending tops the list on what people are looking for in a partner.

Pavini suggests a budget friendly gourmet meal that you don’t have to make.

“Find a culinary or cooking school in your area, because they’re going to have great deals on delicious sometimes three, four or five course meals that you can actually pick up and bring home,” she advises.

You can top off the evening with a little culture.

“No matter where you live, you can find virtual operas you can find dance lessons for free,” Pavini says.

If food, flowers and candy aren’t your thing, how about a promise of adventure?

Surprise vacation company Pack Up + Go says being a tourist in your own town is a fabulous way to celebrate.

“A staycation is a great opportunity to explore a new neighborhood, or get takeout from a new restaurant…you know force yourself out of your day to day comfort zone, even in your hometown,” says Pack Up + Go’s Lillian Rafson.

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