Celebrate National Vet Tech Week

BOWLING GREEN, Ky, – This week is veterinary technicians week, and it’s the perfect time to give some extra love to the people who take care of beloved pets.

At All Creatures Animal Hospital, veterinarian Vicky McGrath said they have seven full time technicians as well as a lot of assistants and pre-veterinary students. 

McGrath said going to school to become a veterinarian technician is a great career. The techs assist veterinarians, monitor vital signs, take x-rays, prep animals for surgery along with many more rewarding responsibilities. 

She said after watching with her own eyes how her hospital’s vet techs have stepped up through the pandemic, now is the best chance for people to thank the vet techs who have helped their scaly, feathery, or furry friends.

“They’ve all worked through Covid, worked through having to do curbside service and having to stand out in the rain,” said McGrath. “If you like medicine, if you like animals, if you are a caregiver mentality that’s what we need. Kind of like nursing, basically it’s the same sort of mindset.”

For those considering getting into the veterinary field, Western Kentucky University offers courses to prepare students for the job.