Camp Noah offers kids fun opportunities to make friends

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A local group of kids got to dance away their troubles at Camp Noah.

“Camp Noah is a free camp for our students. We wanted to provide it for students from the community that might not be able to go to camp otherwise. The students are students that have had some type of tragedy in their life, whether it be the tornadoes or flooding. Some of our students are refugees that came from other countries,” Laura Cline, Counselor at Rich Pond Elementary and staff member at Camp Noah says.

The kids also participated in group sessions where they got to draw and meet new friends.

“I’ve learned that it’s okay to be scared and to be different because some people, they just try to blend into the crowd. Like one of my friends, she was following the others and she was just doing what they were doing. But then like somebody kind of talked to her and told her that it’s okay to be yourself, and then she started being herself,” Christie, one of the campers, says.

The staff are excited to offer this unique opportunity to these kids.

“I feel that the adults have gotten just as much out of this as the students to be able to know that we are pouring into them what they can now take home and take out into the community and to be able to affect our community in such a positive way,” Cline says.