Burger voted best in Kentucky can be found in Hart County

HORSE CAVE, Ky. – A family-owned diner in Horse Cave just received an award from Kentucky Living for #1 hamburger in the state.

In an interview with News 40, owner of 5 Broke Girls, Jackie Kulaga, said they’ve only been open a little less than four years. The award came to her as a surprise, as she is a Texas native. Coming from Fort Worth, Kulaga had not yet heard of Kentucky Living but was very appreciative of the award. Kulaga, who runs the restaurant alongside her two daughters and granddaughters, says she attributes their success to everything coming from their kitchen being “made with love.”

Her daughter, Nikki, told News 40 over the summer months business is booming with many tourists from all over stopping at the conveniently placed eatery coming right down road 218. Dan and Sally Pauley, two tourists from Ohio coming to see Mammoth Cave, assured that they would be coming back for breakfast in the morning after the dinner they had. Pauley said in a brief interview with the station that they frequent mom and pop shops when they travel and called the diner “top shelf stuff”. Pauley also added “You can get Cracker Barrel anywhere, you can’t get 5 Broke Girls just anywhere.”