Brownsville and Mammoth Cave named the most romantic weekend getaway in Kentucky

BROWNSVILLE, Ky. – Brownsville was named the most romantic place to getaway for the weekend in Kentucky by a popular publication.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Brownsville could be a beautiful location for out of towners to visit and locals to enjoy.

Thrillest, the entertainment publication, specifically named Brownsville and Mammoth Cave National Park citing its beautiful cave system and a bed and breakfast in Brownsville.

Vanessa Ulm, the executive director of tourism for Edmonson County, says she hopes to see couples and families enjoying nature for Valentine’s Day.

“Initially, their reaction was, everyone was really shocked that we, I don’t really know how the article came about it was something that was sent to us through different tourism departments. It was one of those, shocked that we were even in this article. And then, of course, small town Brownsville, a lot of people don’t think of that as especially a romantic destination but that’s something that we’re trying to change,” said Ulm.

Molly Schroer, the Mammoth Cave National Park Public Information Officer says people get engaged at the park quite often.

“You know, Mammoth Cave is a great place for a date or for couples to come to. We’ve got, of course, the cave can be a very romantic type of environment. We have tours that are done by lantern light, so kind of like a little candle lit tour for somebody to come here. Or on the surface, we are hiking trails that are kind of a great adventure to do as a couple or in the spring and summer canoeing is also a great activity you can do as a couple,” said Shroer.

“I think we all kind of thought it was a little funny at first because, I mean, you don’t usually think of Brownsville as a romantic getaway. But, I think, when you really kind of start to boil it down and start to think about what people are wanting these days when you start talking about a getaway, it’s not these big cities. It’s not those big elaborate trips. It’s getting really back into nature,” said Ulm.

The article also mentions that Brownsville is just a short drive from Nolin Lake State Park as well.