Broadway is back! Three new shows to come to SKYPAC

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Three words- Broadway is back! A little slice of New York is coming to town.

The Southern Performing Arts Center has announced three Broadway shows coming to Bowling Green as part of the Willana K. Ramsey Memorial Series. And just in time to celebrate SKyPAC’s 10th year anniversary! 

The 2022-23 lineup includes family favorites Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Legally Blonde, and Beauty and the Beast. 

“People can eat dinner here, they can go out to a show, they can go somewhere afterwards and it really keeps the business and excitement here in Bowling Green,” said SKyPAC President and CEO Jeffrey Reed. 

And there’s a sweet story behind how this was made possible. Title sponsor, Robert P. Ramsey wanted to honor his late wife Willana. 

They met in 9th grade and were inseparable ever since. They loved to attend Broadway shows…but they always had to travel to Nashville or Louisville to see them. 

Ramsey wanted to honor her by bringing the magic to their hometown. 

“The idea of having a Broadway series back in Bowling Green was something that we wanted to do, we talked about it when she was still here and I wanted to do something in her name and for the community,” said Ramsey. 

Broadway season ticket packages are now on sale and single tickets will be available at a later date. Details are available here.