Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society working to locate lost and found pets

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society is working to reunite lost and found pets with their families especially now following the storms.

There have been several pets turned in as found and many pets reported missing after tornados destroyed several homes in the area.

The humane society has a Facebook page set up to do just that.

Following the storm, the humane society personnel went out in their van looking for lost pets and were unable to locate a single lost animal, which leads personnel to wonder how many pets lost their lives during the storms.

But, there have been several good Samaritans who have found dogs and cats.

Cats tend to hide while dogs typically do not, so finding a cat can tend to take a little longer than finding a missing dog.

The shelter is currently housing several found animals and have posted images of them onto the page.

“We post every animal that comes into the shelter that’s a stray. We also try to post animals that are out in our community that people say that they have found. So we say, if you’re missing a pet, if you found a pet, make that website, that Facebook page, the very first spot that you go to. We reunite a ton of animals that way before they even make it into the shelter,” said Lorri Hare, director of humane society.

Hare says if you are missing a pet and have already checked with them, do not give up, keep trying because animals are being turned in every day.