Bowling Green residents react to McConnell, McGrath debate

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Republican U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic challenger Amy McGrath faced off Monday night in a debate. They clashed over a variety of topics, including coronavirus relief. 

“It was what I expected to hear, for the part more or less,” said resident Darrell Stewart. 

Both candidates continually took shots at one another,  McGrath at McConnell for his “failed leadership.” And McConnell saying McGrath’s campaign centers around her being a Marine, a mom, and that he’s been there too long. 

Bowling Green residents Tuesday shared their take on the debate. 

McConnell supporters say his experience helps Kentucky. 

“He’s been an advocate for Warren County for one thing and Bowling Green ever since he’s been in Congress. He’s always been responsive to the needs of our state no matter what that might be. Whether he disagreed with what somebody wanted, if he thought it was best for the state, he did that,” said resident John Wilson.  

“Well because he’s a conservative and he’s better than Amy McGrath … ,” said resident Karl Reidelbach. 

McGrath supporters highlighted healthcare as a main reason for supporting her. 

“We’re very concerned with healthcare for everybody and I think you know everyone should have the right to basic healthcare and I believe she will protect that along with preexisting conditions,” said resident Flora Stuart. 

“It just seems like we really haven’t had a strong Democratic candidate to go against McConnell so I’m really hopeful for McGrath,” said resident Elizabeth Stoner. 

With the election less than three weeks away, McConnell has consistently led in polling. McGrath is looking to stop McConnell from gaining a seventh term.