Bowling Green organization donates to school district resource centers

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-There are 5 elementary schools in the Bowling Green Independent School District, all of which are receiving 100-dollar donations for their family resource youth and services centers, in this time of need.

The donations are coming from the Bowling Green Masonic Lodge. Potter Gray Elementary Principal Keith Brown said he’s thankful.

“With us going into our NTI days, this really helps out our students and their families through the resources centers we have,” Brown said.

The Masonic Lodge typically donates two bicycles to each elementary school in the district, which are then given as prizes to students with perfect attendance. Given the circumstances of Covid-19, Jim DeCesare, who’s a member of the organization, said it makes more sense to give to the school’s resource centers.

“Hopefully the money at each school can go and help them out in a way that will help them get through this a little bit better,” DeCesare said.

Staff from the resource centers are free to use the funding in any way they see fit. DeCesare said the important part is that the families in need benefit from the added assistance.

“If it can help a family out, if it can help put a meal on a kid’s table, or maybe give them the resources they need to do the non-traditional instruction that they’re all taking part in right now, that’s what we hope they use it for,” DeCesare said.

While there’s seemingly no end to the pandemic in sight, Brown said he’s thankful to live in a community where pitching in to help friends and family is encouraged.

“Whether it’s the essentials that they need from clothing to food to gas cards, the monetary donation is wonderful,” Brown said.

School resource centers are always seeking donation for clothing, school supplies, and even medical items.