Bowling Green man accused of chasing neighbor with knife, assaulting jailer

A Bowling Green man is accused of chasing his neighbor with a knife and then once in custody, assaulting the jailer.

According to the arrest report, 33-year-old Samuel Basham’s neighbor, Julius Hayes, approached Basham after hearing fighting from his residence.

The report states Hayes told Basham was going “to take care of him” if he didn’t quit beating his wife.

Shortly after, Hayes and a witness told police Basham grabbed a butcher knife and began chasing Hayes through a parking lot.

Basham was transported to the Warren County Regional Jail on a charge of first-degree wanton endangerment.

That’s when Jailer Stephen Harmon says Basham became distraught and was placed under suicide watch, then eventually secured in a restraint chair for refusal to follow demands.

During that process, Harmon says Basham spit in his face.

He’s now facing an additional charge of 3rd degree assault on a corrections employee.