Bowling Green Independent School District introduces new electric buses to transportation fleet

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – On the streets of downtown Bowling Green, the newest addition to the roadways is getting revved up for its debut. Bowling Green Independent School District received new electric buses this week.

“You have the ability to actually gain range in an electric bus due to the regenerative braking feature. That’s definitely different from a diesel. The quiet ride, which a lot of bus drivers would definitely love,” Cedric Browning, BGISD director of operations, says.

One of the main features that makes it different from a traditional bus is something you may not even hear.

“I’ve been a principal for 16 years, a superintendent for eight years, and was an old football coach back in the day, rode a lot of buses on long trips. The noise level was just amazing. People drive by our buses now, and I think they probably think there’s a fight going on the bus because it’s so loud. The windows are down, and it’s just kids trying to talk over the engine,” Gary Fields, BGISD superintendent says.

With Warren County being only the second county in the commonwealth to have electric buses, Fields is excited to set the standard for this new mode of transportation.

“Hopefully we’re going to set the trend for everybody else. We’ve got to prove that it works and it’s efficient, that we are going to save money on fuel, we’re going to save money on maintenance costs. I think that we’re going to have a lot of people wanting to come and visit and see these buses,” he says.