Community raises money for boy diagnosed with brain cancer

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Proceeds from a community barbecue at SOKY Marketplace today will go to help a young boy fighting brain cancer and his family.

Colson Angel is just 19 months old, and he’s had a tumor removed from his brain.

His mother Emily and father John are now hoping that he will make a strong recovery. Five days a week they travel as a family from Bowling Green to Cincinnati, Ohio, so that Colson can receive special treatments.

“Colson is a twin. He has a twin sister. They have their older son Maddox, and they also have Emily’s mom with them. So, all of them are up in Cincinnati during the week and they come home on the weekends when they want to,” said Jennifer Edwards, records management coordinator with the City of Bowling Green.

The couple is renting an apartment in Cincinnati and travelling back to Bowling Green for work. Emily works at the City of Bowling Green. John is a detective with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

“This has been a very difficult experience for them to have to go through. So that’s why we wanted to get together and do what we could for them, to be able to help them out. They’re having to travel to Cincinnati a lot for the treatments, and we’re hoping this will help out with some of those expenses” said Edwards.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is behind the fundraiser. They sold barbecue and T-shirts and also collected donations to raise money for the Angel Family. Only an hour into the event and food was running out.

“We’ve already ran out of food and that was just from pre-orders. Again, we were not expecting this many people. So, several people went and got food for us,” said Candy Hood, telecommunications dispatch supervisor at the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

The community in Bowling Green came out in droves to support the fundraiser that raised about $20,000.

“The Ronald McDonald House is down for renovations, so they’ve had to rent an apartment for their family to stay up there. On top of the food and the gas getting there. So, we’re trying to take some of the stress off the family,” said Hood.

Colson will have six more weeks of treatment in Cincinnati and the hope is that he will make a full recovery after that.