Bowling Green business feels the impact of the coronavirus

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The coronavirus is causing havoc on the stock market and headaches for companies big and small.

Local businesses are seeing a potential impact from factory shutdowns and quarantines in China due to the novel coronavirus.

One local clothing business, Steel Mill and Company, received an email Wednesday morning from one of their supplier’s sewing companies “have pushed back their estimated time of arrival for shipments and there is no exact date of arrival at the moment” due to the virus.

Steel Mill and Company carries brands made in China as well as brands made elsewhere.

Rachel Sheldon, the store manager of the Bowling Green Steel Mill and Company, says she isn’t quite sure what the business will do if they can’t get their shipments coming from China and may turn to some domestic made designers for the time being.

“It is kind of surreal to be effected by something like this. As a small business in little ole Bowling Green, Kentucky, these things absolutely will affect our business. It’s not just these big box stores, it’s not just Dillard’s or Macy’s. It’s everyone that buys product from China,” said Sheldon.

Sheldon says they have domestic made clothing options to fall back on if necessary, but right now, they have the inventory to last a couple more months.

Paige Calvert, the marketing manager for Steel Mill and Co., says it may impact many industries throughout South Central Kentucky.

“If prices go up because things are having to be made elsewhere, that will affect everybody as a whole. Or, if we are not able to get certain goods in, that would affect our economy,” said Calvert.