Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce wins two awards

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The economy has been hit hard during the pandemic… but the Bowling Green area continues to push through.

The Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce has been recognized nationally for their hard work in the community. 

“Communications has been a focus for us even before the pandemic. And then as the pandemic came on we really just ramped up our efforts there. So trying to provide, which clearly we have, more impactful news in a way through the newsletter. And as well as really increasing our social media reach-not just to reach our partners but to reach any business in the community,” said Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ron Bunch. 

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Executives (KCCE) named Bowling Green’s Chamber an award winner in the categories of “Outstanding E-News Communication” and “Outstanding Social Media.” Bunch said those two things have been especially important during times of COVID-19. 

“Getting that feedback from them and them being more engaged in what they’re doing is really exciting. Because again we want to offer the things that are most valuable at the time to our partners and our future partners so it’s been great to be recognized in that,” said Bunch.

Bowling Green’s chamber is in the top one percent of all chambers in the entire country- and they keep growing. 

Robert Bowden, founder and CEO of The Spartan Garage says being a partner in the chamber has helped him reach his business goals. 

“Being a local business, especially from someone being out of state, making connections in the community was definitely difficult. Being a part of the Chamber of Commerce has been huge- meeting new people, meeting other business owners, getting our name out there. Just really making connections in the community that we wouldn’t be able to do on our own,” said Bowden. 

As the city keeps growing, it’s exciting to see what they’ll accomplish next.