Blood donors needed during COVID-19 crisis

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Every Friday, the American Red Cross is in Bowling Green so eligible donors can help area patients who need blood transfusions. And now, donors have additional opportunities to donate blood. One of those additional opportunities happened today.

Although blood collection centers operated by the American Red Cross have not closed because of COVID-19, special blood drive events have been canceled. And with hospital admissions increasing and elective surgeries once again being performed, the need for blood transfusions has increased.

The American Red Cross has been adding additional days to their center inside the Holiday Inn University Plaza in Bowling Green, by appointment only.

Tiffany Taylor, of the American Red Cross, says she’s happy but not surprised about the number of donors during the pandemic since American citizens have stepped up to help each other in the past.

American Red Cross needs all blood types but there is also a need for African American blood donors to help patients with rare blood types who are battling sickle cell disease.

You can find out more about where and when to donate blood by visiting the American Red Cross’ website at