Bike safety rodeo teaches kids to stay safe on the roads

SWEEDEN, Ky.- Biking is one of kid’s favorite things to do and an organization here is making sure local kids stay safe while hitting the roads. 

Norton Children’s Hospital held a bike safety rodeo Thursday morning at Kyrock Elementary School in Edmonson County. Doug Beckhart, bicycle safety instructor said that they do so to inform and prevent accidents. 

“Norton Children’s Hospital sees a lot of injuries each year from kids riding a bike, ages 5-14. And most of them don’t have a helmet on. So the purpose of this is number one to wear a helmet and number two to follow the rules of the road,” said Beckhart. 

The kids got to hop on bikes and learn things like stopping to look both ways at a stop sign, walking across railroad tracks and riding in a straight line. 

Third grader Jones Young said his favorite part about the course is avoiding obstacles.

“Doing the thing inside the ropes where you try not to hit the blocks. That was my favorite part,” said Young. 

And third grader Charly Beville says she knows it’s important to learn how to be safe. 

“If you don’t stay safe, you could break your bones or something and you could get a concussion or something like that,” said Beville. 

And Beckhart said the kids had a blast. 

“They like riding. I pick on them but that’s OK. You know they enjoy it so the kids are cool, it’s kinda cool when you can get out of class to ride your bike,” said Beckhart.