BG’s Alive N’ Fuzzy Alpaca Farm celebrating KY Alpaca month

KDA names July Kentucky Alpaca Fleece and Fiber Month

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Kentucky Alpaca association is celebrating this month after the commonwealth’s 200 plus alpaca farmers received statewide recognition.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture signed a proclamation naming July Kentucky Alpaca Fleece and Fiber Month.

Kentucky’s 4000 alpacas reel in agritourism in places just like Bowling Green’s Alive N’ Fuzzy Alpaca Farm. Retired veterinarian Dr. Elaine Painter has spent the last few decades raising around 25 alpacas here on the farm.

“[The proclamation] made us feel great,” said Elaine. “And it got people like you saying, ‘Hey, wait a minute. There’s alpacas out there!… [Running the alpaca farm] gives you your exercise. You’ve got fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of work out here to do. My father used to call this a domestic gymnasium!”

Elaine’s alpacas earn their keep. She outsources their fiber and fleece to make fine clothes.

The alpaca pack is also a huge win for Kentucky’s agritourism; not to mention the breeding and seeding sales.

Kentucky alpaca farms are making a name as a fun Instagram-able hotspot between alpaca yoga, farm tours and alpac-apparel.

“One kid, one day after a visit and an all night stay, said it was more fun than going to Disney Land,” Elaine recalled fondly.

Elaine and other alpaca farmers are hoping to get a fiber mill here in the Commonwealth so they can process their own materials much faster, elevating the industry. to new heights.