BGPD patrolling vulnerable areas 24/7 after tornado

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The Bowling Green Police Department announced that they have officers patrolling areas that are still affected by the tornados. 

They said this is designed to curtail those who choose to prey on those who have suffered extreme damage to their homes. 

They will be in those areas during all hours of the day and night. 

Ronnie Ward, Public Information Officer for the BGPD said that directly after the tornados, they were only patrolling certain hours of the day. But after residents said they felt unsafe, Ward says they needed to step up and protect these vulnerable communities.

“We want the interaction, we want the communication, so if you see an officer there, go and talk to them, let them know where you live, how you were affected and so that makes it real to us, we know that we’re being effective there if we can protect your property,” said Ward. 

BGPD will be doing this until further notice.