BGPD launches video series on unsolved homicides 

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-A local law enforcement agency is looking to social media to help solve crimes.

The Bowling Green Police Department is launching the BG Unsolved series next week.  It is a series of video segments on unsolved homicides at BGPD.

They hope to get help from the community to solve local murders.

“Over the next year we will venture into new territory. Beginning June 3 we will focus on our unsolved homicide cases by featuring two of them per month,” Bowling Green Police Chief Doug Hawkins said.

It’s an opportunity for detectives to share details about various cases and get the public’s help to solve them.

“Sometimes we don’t even have to have a person’s name if we can just have other information that goes along with it. Maybe a car they were driving or maybe some information that they heard from someone else,” said BGPD spokesman Officer Ronnie Ward.

BGPD currently has 18 unsolved murder cases dating back to the 60s. The first episode will be a recent case.

“In July of 2018, Nevander Hardy was shot to death over on Rock Creek. So, we’re going through that case step by step on what took place that night,” said Ward. 


Officers hope that introducing the community to the cases on social media will help the department solve more crimes.

“I’ve not personally seen other departments, but it would not surprise me. This is not a revolutionary idea. We really believe this is something that would benefit our community,” Ward said.

You can catch the first episode of BG Unsolved next Monday, June 3 on the Bowling Green Police Department’s Facebook page.