BGPD hosts International Conference of Police Chaplains this week

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-This week, the Bowling Green Police Department is hosting the International Conference of Police Chaplains. 

You might hear the word chaplain and think it’s related to the church, but they do a lot more. 

The training program is being offered to make sure every law enforcement chaplain is well trained and fully prepared. Lack of adequate training can result in errors, injuries, accidents and lawsuits. 

Chaplains are responsible for giving death notices in the community. It’s a hard job to do and they want to make sure they have the best of the best doing so. 

“A death notice is if my loved one is killed in a car wreck, homicide, or suicide, someone needs to come home to my home or where I am and deliver that notice as quickly as possible and deliver that notice with compassion and proficiency,” said Law Enforcement Chaplain Training Program Volunteer Sarah Jane Zink. 

Law enforcement want chaplains to be a deliverer of comfort and a blanket of support. Instructors from out of state came to lead the training.