BGFD practices training situations in new building structure

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The Bowling Green Fire Department was training in the 1200 block of Kenton Street today. 

They just acquired a new building structure there for their training sessions. The firefighters are given a scenario and they respond as if it were a real life or death situation. 

The new building allows them to react to an unfamiliar structure, which helps them to become better firefighters and know how to react to unexpected situations. 

All crews go through the training and practice no matter if they are young or veteran firefighters. Public information officer Marlee Boenig says this is great practice for them. 

“Obviously the more you practice the better you are at something. I think this is really good for them to be able to go in, even though they know the pressure is somewhat on, because they do want to perform correctly, they know that no one is really hurt. And they know that there’s not a real fire in there so they can focus on their training and focus on what they have to do without the added distraction of worrying about getting to the victim,” said Boenig. 

The firefighters will be training at this structure and doing different scenarios throughout this week, with each crew coming on a different day or time.