Beshear opens donation portal for flood victims

Andy Beshear
File Photo

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Gov. Andy Beshear has opened an online portal for donations to reach flood victims in eastern Kentucky.

The website,, will allow Kentuckians to help their neighbors in need. A release by the governor’s office stated the funds will be used to provide long-term relief for people directly affected by the historic floods.

“I wish I could tell you why we keep getting hit here in Kentucky. I wish I could tell you why areas – where people may not have that much – continue to get hit and lose everything. I cannot give you the why, but I know what we do in response to it. And the answer is: Everything we can,” said Beshear. “Today, we’re giving everyone that opportunity to help through the Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund.”

The donations can help with food, shelter and other necessities and supplement emergency funds that come into the area, according to the release.

Beshear’s office stated money collected through the donation site will not be used for administrative costs. Credit card and treasury fees may apply.

If you would like to donate items toward immediate relief in eastern Kentucky, contact your local shelter, Red Cross or United Way. Immediate needs include water and cleaning supplies.