Batman visits Eastern Kentucky

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Eastern Kentucky had a surprise visit from a superhero while they’re recovering from deadly flooding.

Batman showed up in the area this week, arriving in his Batmobile, stuffed with gifts for flood victims. 

He met with families who lost everything and tried to put a smile on their face during tough times.  

He calls his Batmobile the ‘Hopemobile’… to remind people that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. He hopes his visit helped those suffering. 

“It was good for the kids because they got the ability to play again and laugh and smile and be a kid. It was great for the parents because the parents watched their kids be happy, it was therapeutic for them. And it was good for the responders and volunteers because they’re just big kids too,” said Batman. 

He stayed for two days, visiting Prestonsburg, Campton and Hazard.