Barren County students watch mock fatality

GLASGOW, Ky. – It’s a parent’s worst nightmare, seeing your child involved with a drunk driving accident.

Well Friday morning students at Barren County High School were able to witness that nightmare unfold- in a simulation.

As seniors watched the chaos ensue, the responders worked the pretend double fatal accident and simulated the arrest of the student driver.

Aimee Shockley was the mother of a girl pretending to be dead.

“It was very real, especially with the ambulances and the sirens in the background. That made it real. I didn’t realize that there was anybody else out there other than I couldn’t get to my kid. I could cry right now just thinking about it, just her laying there and not being able to get to her,” said Shockley.

“This is an important thing that they do because if it helps one child make a good choice, it’s worth it,” said Shockley.

The simulation took place outside of Barren County High School the day before graduation to warn the students about the dangers of drinking and driving.

The five people acting inside the car were all students covered in red paint.

The schools hosted the event alongside Barren Metcalfe EMS, Glasgow Police, Barren County Sheriff’s Office, the Barren County Coroner, Air Methods and the Glasgow Fire Department.

Barren County Coroner Tim Gibson has been a part of these simulations for several years and said if it saves even one life, it is worth all of the work to put together the scene.

“It was a very real situation, a very real scenario, and it can happen. I’ve been there. I’ve been to things like this in real life before and I hope that somehow, someway, it’ll open some eyes and they’ll do good when they get out,” said Gibson.

Air Methods even showed up to simulate having to transport an injured person by helicopter to a hospital.

Some students watched in shock as first responders got people into ambulances and took two students to the back of the coroner’s van.

After the simulation was done, some first responders said they hoped to see this happening more often at more schools.

The seniors who watched the simulation will be graduating tomorrow night in Barren County, and first responders hope the event will help remind the students not to drink and drive following the ceremony.