Barren County Schools open enrollment to come in July

GLASGOW, Ky. – An area school district wants to remind parents to go ahead and start preparing for the upcoming school year now.

Open enrollments will be going on at all Barren County District Schools on July 13 from noon to 6 p.m. It’s a day for preschool to 12th grade enrollment.

The reason that district staff want parents to think about this early is because knowing the number of incoming students will help in formulating plans, such as how many staff members will be needed, bus routes and the number of desks that classrooms will need to have.

In addition, this year is expected to be very different from last fall, which district staff members say makes this upcoming moment all the more special.

“We’re excited about open enrollment, but we’re more excited about the start of school this year when we can get our kids back in the building. We’re ready to have kids back, no masks, no restrictions as of today. Things could change before school starts, but that’s what we’re excited about most, coming back to school and having some normalcy,” said Barren County School District director of pupil personnel Anthony Frazier.

Even without restrictions, custodial staff will still be hard at work keeping everything sanitized, and personal protective gear will be available for students who wish to use it.