Barren County School District tracks COVID cases by school

GLASGOW, Ky.- A local school district is now using a visual representation to show where confirmed COVID-19 cases are in the district.

The district has created a chart which has the Barren County schools listed. This daily report will show the number of cases in each individual school.

This will include students and staff. The report is updated daily through the school district working with the health department.

Barren County School District health and safety coordinator John Doyle said the students and staff are doing well to keep cases down, and he urges everyone to keep following CDC protocol.

“What I would like to encourage is that when the students aren’t on school property, I encourage them and their parents to follow these safety guidelines. We see these working, so let’s mask up and do the social distancing, because we do see it working,” Doyle said.

The updated chart is available to see on the Barren County Schools website.