Back to school safety tips from KSP

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – With back to school season right around the corner, it’s important to stay safe while getting to and from the bus and the classroom.

Make sure to help your kids know when it’s safe to cross the road, especially with buses nearby.

Drivers should never pass a school bus with the stop signs out to allow time for crossing.

If you’re close enough to walk to school, try to walk in a group with your friends and wear bright clothing to make sure you’re visible.

One thing parents should always do when it comes to buses involves being aware of how your kids walk up to it.

“Parents should always let the kids know to never cross behind the bus. They should never be behind the bus because it’s very difficult with a big vehicle to see everything that’s behind you. Any time that you have to walk across the roadway or cross in front of the bus, always do it in front so the bus driver can see the child moving across the roadway,” KSP Trooper Daniel Priddy says.

While you’re at school, make sure to pay attention to any cars in the parking lot, especially during the after school rush when dismissal happens.