Babe Ruth Regionals Tournament day 2 commences

GLASGOW, Ky. – Friday the Ohio Valley Babe Ruth Regionals is in it second day of play. 20 solid teams of girls ages 8 and under and 16 and under have been on the mounds all day long at Glasgow’s Jackie B. Browning Park, playing their hearts out. 

Besides bringing millions of dollars in tourism revenue to the town, the tournament is so important because it provides hundreds of girls the chance to show off their athletic abilities and travel to a new town.

Ohio Valley Assistant Regional Commissioner Ken Shupperd said this a great way to teach the girls life skills.

“It teaches them how to perform in a group, how to work as a team not just as an individual and teachers know when the leader needs to step up, sometimes they have to step up, and when they follow what a leader says, they should follow what the leader says and does,” said Shupperd.

 The Babe Ruth regionals are building character in the next generation one game at a time. And Glasgow is proud to be a part of it.