Augmented reality technology at TriStar is first in Kentucky

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital announced Wednesday that they are introducing a groundbreaking augmented reality technology that guides spine surgery. 

They are the first hospital in Kentucky to use this technology that gives surgeons “X-ray vision” during complex spinal procedures. 

This “see through” surgery is approved for open and minimally invasive spine implant procedures. The device is different than any other techniques used before- it allows surgeons to focus directly on the patient rather than looking at a nearby screen showing the patient’s anatomy. 

“It’s a game of millimeters in spine surgery so every millimeter counts. And if you can perfect that and make that hardware even better that’s gonna be better for the patient, for their post-op pain, minimizing the incision, improving their function and decreasing blood loss ultimately. Because you’re going to decrease your operative time being in there. And you’re going to know by the end of that case that that hardware is 100% solid where it is,” said spinal surgeon Dr. Chris Cook. 

Cook said they expect to use the technology on one or two spinal surgeries each week.