As Super Bowl Weekend Approaches, DUI Number Down in Bowling Green

The Super Bowl has become synonymous with eating, celebrating…and drinking.

This time of year police checkpoints increase, but what the Bowling Green Police Department has to say about DUI’s in recent years may surprise you.

"A DUI is something that affects not only you, but somebody else’s family," Public Information Officer Ronnie Ward says, "somebody completely innocent."

The biggest day of the year in sports – drawing millions to the TV – and the liquor store.

You’d think that would account for drastic increase in DUI’s, but locally, Officer Ward says thats not the case.

"We’ve really have sort of seen a decrease in DUI’s in general and I think a lot of that has to do with the education that people are receiving. The fact that people are being more responsible, the fact that people are using designated drivers or other aspects of being able to get rides home."

It’s not just local number that have gone down either – nationally too, he says.

"The education of it, because everyone has done everything they can do to make it easier [to not drink and drive]. Even beer commercials will tell you not to drive drunk and apps on your phone that you can push to get a ride. There isn’t a reason to drive drunk – there isn’t – there is no valid reason to drive drunk."