Artist paints BG Strong mural

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Since the tornadoes struck the city, people have been encouraging one another and putting out signs or lighting up buildings with encouraging messages.

This morning, Andee Rudloff began a mural on the side of Balloon-a-gram’s building.

She says the side of the building faces a church that has been helping a lot of people in response to the storms and wanted to make their day a little bit brighter.

“I just wanted them to wake up to something light and happy, some thing that would remind them how thankful that we are that they are here and the good work that they’re doing. I just talked to Nick Wilkins at Balloon-a-gram about it and he was absolutely excited to have something just to say thanks to the community,” said Rudloff.

The rain stopped the painting early, but Rudloff plans to put some final touches on when the weather clears back up.