Army Corps of Engineers works alongside FEMA and local officials to clean up debris

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Army Corps of Engineers is working alongside FEMA and local officials to clean up debris in Kentucky.

While most of their direct efforts are focused in Mayfield, which saw a much larger amount of damage than Bowling Green, there are boots on the ground advising and working with officials in Bowling Green as well.

According to George Minges, the chief of emergency management for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, they are doing technical assistance and monitoring in the area, so their job is to observe the contractors and report back to the state and FEMA.

From their observations, they are reminding the public to move all debris to the right of ways so it can be picked up.

He also asks that it get separated into piles of brush, construction supplies, technology, appliances and household hazardous wastes.

Minges says he expects the cleanup alone to continue on for several more months in the state.