Arcadia Senior Living honors 9/11 with ceremony and community first responders

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Friday morning, residents of Arcadia Senior Living remembered 9/11 with a special ceremony and invited first responders from the community. 

Members of the Bowling Green Police and Fire Departments were present and honored for their service. 

Some 25 of the Arcadia senior living residents are veterans and some were also first responders. A few of the residents gave heartfelt speeches honoring this day and remembering the tragedy and courage Americans had. They also held a moment of silence and sang songs honoring the country. 

Paige Hughes, community relations director for the facility, said it was important for them to remember the people who lost their lives that day. 

“I think everybody should just take a moment on this day, and you know, kind of reflect on that. Remember those families, remember those people who you know didn’t expect that to be coming for them the next day when they woke up. And our residents are really big on showing appreciation and remembrance and that’s why we wanted to make something special out of today,” said Hughes. 

This was the first time Arcadia Senior Living did a ceremony for 9/11 and Hughes said they hope to do something to honor the day again next year, as the residents enjoyed it.