App State podcast helps raise over $20,000 for Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Early Saturday morning one week before WKU takes on Appalachian State Alex Johnson and Charles Haynes woke up to the news of deadly tornadoes that struck the town of Bowling Green. Alex and Charles to App State alumni who run a fan podcast knew they wanted to help the community where WKU stands. So, they threw together a GoFundMe.

“I didn’t contact anybody, I just did it.” Johnson said. “I just kind of did it without thinking and wrote some marketing copy and kind of put it out there.”

Knowing no one in Bowling Green, A.J. and Big C set up the GoFundMe with the donations heading to Warren County Regional Blood Center with a specific goal in mind.

“The elevation of App State’s campus and Boone is 3333 feet above sea level. Every App fan would recognize that reference. So, we use that as a hook to get people to say it’s a cool goal.”

The original goal of $3,333 was completely surpassed. Now the donations have reached over $20,000 and are still climbing, even WKU athletes have noticed the success of the GoFundMe.

“This is bigger than football,” WKU Wide Receiver Jerreth Sterns said. “That’s just what that shows, at the end of the day, off the football field, everyone’s people and so we really appreciate the love and support they shown for this community.”

“I give them 100% respect and that’s awesome to see,” WKU Quarterback Bailey Zappe said. “Being opponents, and everything, you know, there’s kind of some feud playing this weekend together, but for them to do that on their own and do everything on their own for us.”

When it comes down to it, Big C says it best. Sports bring us all together.

“We may do separate things,” Haynes said. “We may think about different, you know, have different political beliefs or whatever it may be. But at the end, when we all go to a stadium and we go tailgate, or we go watch a game together, we all have that one thing in common and we were able to escape life that way.”

You can donate to the GoFundMe by clicking here.