Apartment fire in Russellville

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. – On Sunday afternoon, a fire sparked in a Russellville family’s residence. No one was harmed, but the family did lose a young puppy and all their possessions.

After a response by Russellville’s Fire and Police Departments, it was concluded that electrical wiring started the small fire that would eventually turn into a house sized blaze. In an interview with the family, News 40 learned that Kinzi Morgan, Connie Lattea and 7 year old Farren were on the porch the day of the fire.

When Morgan went in the house to use the restroom and discovered the smoke she said she yelled back to her son and Connie to grab what they could and get out of the house. After gathering what belongings they could, Morgan and the family waited for first responders to arrive and Russellville Fire Department quickly put out the fire.

According to Morgan, Red Cross has helped her family with over 800 dollars worth of expenses, but the family is still in need of things such as clothes, and food stuffs. On her Facebook, Morgan has set up a gofundme for her and her family to get back on their feet.