American Red Cross offering virtual first disaster responder training

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The American Red Cross Kentucky region is offering special virtual volunteer training over the next few weeks, beginning this Wednesday. 

The training, called “Heroes Needed,” allows new volunteers with no disaster training to become a Red Cross hero in just a couple of days. 

There is an urgent need for volunteers with the many natural disasters hitting states around the country like the wildfires, and most recently Hurricane Delta. 

People will learn the basic skills to become a disaster responder. And even if they are not deployed to the site of a natural disaster, executive director Jennifer Capps says it can help the community here as well. 

“We send these volunteers out and then what if we have something here. They’re better trained. So you know you may feel like you’re not impacting Bowling Green by going somewhere else but you are because you’re receiving that training and that one on one experience that you may put to use back here at some point in the future,” said Capps.

For training information and how to register, you can contact Stacy Taylor-Bernard at (502) 612-9202 or visit our website for more information.