Adoptees, parents celebrate adoptions

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Since Oct. 1 2018, 50 families and 86 children in the Barren River Region have been touched by the act of adoption. To celebrate this number, an adoption celebration was held at Christ Episcopal Church.

One of the speakers was Tyler Hunter, 22, who was adopted into his new family at the age of 14.

“I was an older youth, I was 14 when the adoption process started, and it ended when I was 16. For me, it’s personal. It’s all about love, consistency and sacrifice,” Hunter said.

With adoption being a topic near and dear to Hunter’s heart, he said it’s thrilling to see young children step into the lives of their new families.

“It warms my heart. It absolutely warms my heart because they don’t have to go through moving from this home to this home and experience the trauma that an older youth does,” Hunter said.

Family law attorney with the English Lucas Priest and Owsley law firm, Rebecca Simpson, also spoke at the event.

“I enjoy coming here every single year to celebrate with these families. Adoption awareness month is very near and dear to my heart serving as an attorney working to help families expand through adoption,” Simpson said.

Adoptive parents who attended said adoption is a rewarding experience for both the new parents and the new children.

“The same emotions, the same feelings, the same tears, the same everything goes with that when the judge says ‘this child shall forever be known as if it came from your body,’” said adoptive parent Ryan Wallace.

With another chance at being a part of a family, come another chance to grow together.

“That’s the biggest thing about being an adoptive parent. Being able to see that love flourish and grow amongst themselves,” Wallace said.

In the end, Hunter emphasized that adoption matters not only to the parents, but it also matters to the child.

“It warms my heart to see all these young children have their forever homes. Anyone who wants to be a foster parent or adoptive parent, I encourage you to do so,” Hunter said.