A pathway to repair: Bowling Green expands greenway to Jennings Creek

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A new project to repair a Warren County area affected by the 2021 tornadoes is now underway, but its rebuild serves a much larger purpose than before.

After receiving tornado recovery grant money, the Rotary Club, along with several Bowling Green city departments, decided to not only repair the damaged stream bank near Jennings Creek Elementary, but to expand the greenway and create a classroom with stream access.

The learning space will include sitting areas for students made with logs and boulders.

“We really feel like any classroom could come down here on a beautiful day today and spend time outside and get some education time,” Matt Powell of BG Public Works said. “And of course it’s open to the community. Everybody can come down and achieve a little more use of the space.”

Powell says that Scotty’s Contracting, who supplied labor and materials for the Jennings Creek rebuild and design, announced today that they will cover the project cost in its entirety, allowing rotary and the City of Bowling Green to award the grant money to a new tornado recovery project.