900+ Christmas trees collected to improve fish habitats & help fishermen

KENTUCKY-The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife has collected over 900 Christmas trees. For what you might ask?

Their initiative, Christmas for the Fishes, encouraged people to drop off their old Christmas tree after the holidays at one of their donation sites. 

These trees will help create better habitats for fish which in turn leads to higher fish populations and healthier lakes. 

They place an anchor on the tree, and cluster 50-100 trees together, 10 to 15 feet below the surface. 

“Fish-wise they’re just drawn to that, it’s a cover for them not only for predator species like bass but also prey like bluegill and other things like that,” said Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Fisheries Biologist Eric Cummins. 

They also serve as an attraction to fishermen as well. All of the trees will be placed in an easily accessible area. Christmas for Fishes has been going on for decades.