8-year-old boy killed after accident while playing basketball

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(Credit: The Hill Family, LEX 18)

CORBIN, Ky. (LEX 18) – 8-year-old Eli Hill’s family describes him as a good boy, who loved his family, community and God.

The family wanted to pay tribute to their son and his memory.

“Eli’s so… The best boy, the best boy. The smartest ( the most handsome, the kindest) the kindest boy. He’s just the best boy and my best friend,” his parents said.

Yesterday, Eli Hill was playing basketball at home, when the backboard and hoop collapsed. His mom says he experienced severe trauma to the chest. Today, his family wants everyone to remember how involved he was.

“Eli loved Corbin, Eli loved baseball, Eli loved people, Eli loved God, and that was pretty much his life.”

His dad says Eli was a big Wildcats and Reds fan. He attended Corbin Independent Schools. The superintendent shared how much this has impacted the district, saying he thinks the support has been therapeutic for the family and those who are working to help.

Eli’s parents also shared that their son was an organ donor. They say today someone has new corneas and a new heart. His heart beating has brought his family a sense of comfort during this difficult time.

“His life was cut short, but he did do a great thing. He has given somebody else life today,” they said.

The family says the warmth of the community is now all they have left and the comfort of their faith, which the say they know will reunite them all again.

The family is asking for the community’s continued prayers.